Pops & Domain Redirects Ad Networks (39)

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SiteMin DepositFormatsSite URLFeatures
Redirect$20Email, Native, Domain RedirectVisit Site
  • Email and Web Native Ads
  • Target traffic by carrier, days of the week
  • Advertising or content in the newsfeed premium email newsletter
  • Native ads in both websites and email newsletters
  • Ad units are 100% customized to the publisher's look
Ad.netVisit Site
  • Ad.net is the marketplace that reaches unique visitors outside the major search engines
  • Connects your business with millions of new customers
  • SmartPricing, ensures that advertising campaigns will hit goal by optimizing to the most granular user level data
  • Integrates keyword intent data with audience targeting to reach the right customers
  • Over 91% of our advertisers campaigns scale and achieve their campaign goals
Bidvertiser$20Native, Push Notifications, Direct Navigation, Pop Under, XMLVisit Site
  • Real-Time optimization of hundreds of data vectors
  • Top notch fraud-detection with zero tolerance to failure
  • Constant creative scanning assures a malware-free ecosystem
  • Super-fast delivery by own data center combined with distributed cloud
  • Real Time Bidding
AdtelligentNative, Banner, VideoVisit Site
  • Full-stack Ad Monetization Platform
  • Header Bidding Management mPlatform
Tonic$100Domain Redirect, Popup, Email, Display, ExitVisit Site
  • Traffic from all over the world
  • Target by country, keywords, categories, sources, browser, carrier, devices
  • 100% Self Service Interface
  • Our traffic comes from parked domains, developed websites and emails
  • Targeted traffic from $0.001 per click
PopMonetizePopupVisit Site
  • Direct access to premium inventory
  • Quality traffic with fraud and bot filtering
  • Smart optimization system and concise reporting to boost effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Get higher conversion rate by targeting the right audience
  • Connect with advertisers and publishers worldwide
PopAds$10Popup, Popunder, Tabunder, Tabup, Floating BannerVisit Site
  • All publishers pages are human reviewed and have our internal quality measure assigned
  • Offers lots of targetting options: category, keyword, country and even time
  • You have many payment options
  • Advanced anti fraud system, which filters out all proxy and bots
  • By offering reasonable rates, support and fast payouts to our publishers, we have managed to get lots of inventory
eZanga$100PPCVisit Site
  • Target your traffic when your customers are most ready to buy
  • Access to traffic from over 300,000 unique sources that the big search engines ignore
  • We play in spaces the big three search engines leave behind
  • Only show your ads where your potential clients are located, right down to the zip code
  • Make mass changes and updates, quickly and easily
AdJux$100Popunder, Banner, Video, Exit PopVisit Site
  • Managed or self-serve campaigns
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • 100 Million Daily Ad Impressions
  • Detailed campaign statistics including the websites or subids of the websites where your ads are shown
  • RTB platform offers a huge variety of targeting options and detailed reporting
Zeropark$200Popunder, Domain Redirect, Push NotificationsVisit Site
  • Advanced Anti-Fraud Solutions
  • Just set your target eCPA and let our smart AI algorithms do the work for you
  • Automate the optimization with a set of if/then rules, so your campaign immediately adjusts itself when your criteria are met
  • Select between 4 different traffic types for your campaigns: Pre-Selected, Premium, Standard and Remnant
  • Target your audience by geo, device type, connection type, browser version, OS version, mobile carrier or keywords
MediaHubBanner, Popunder, Page Takeovers, Messenger Pop, Aligator Pop, OverlaysVisit Site
  • A self-serve ad exchange that provides solutions for advertisers to buy traffic
  • A fully managed digital agency helping businesses grow online through advertising
  • We help you reach your goals by optimizing your campaigns automatically
  • We allow you to reserve a large amount of traffic in advance
  • We monitor the quality of our traffic to deliver results
HasTraffic$1000Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Domain, Chat, Pop, Back Button, SearchVisit Site
  • Dedicated professionals will make recommendations based on campaign's vertical
  • Feature your exclusive or top performing campaigns on our publisher Offer Wall
  • Ad fraud protection with advanced, proprietary detection and filtering
  • Advertiser campaigns remain competitive and sustainable with our low, *13.7% margin
  • Bid on hundreds of publishers and sources with targeted and filtered traffic
PopMyAds$25Popunder, PopupVisit Site
  • Target country, OS, browser, source (adult/mainstream), frequency cap
  • Advanced anti fraud system, which filters out all proxy, bot and low quality traffic
  • Manage and overview accurate and easily all of the campaigns
  • Powerful dashboard allows advertisers to manage and overview accurate and easily all of their campaigns
  • Campaigns can be managed at your convenience
Adsaro$10PopunderVisit Site
  • Campaign starts at $10 with 0.10 CPM
  • Global traffic with 1000's of partners
  • Advanced security structure to keep your fund safe
  • Advertise at $0.0001 per click
  • Receive suggestions and tips through support
PopCash$5PopunderVisit Site
  • Choose between: GEOs, Devices, Operating Systems, Carriers, Browsers and additional custom parameters
  • We use both internal and third party tools in order to repress fraudulent activity
  • Optimize and automate your collaboration with PopCash using our robust API
  • Full control over your campaign : Create / Manage / Edit / Pause / Delete your campaign
  • Your campaign will be approved within 1 hour in our business days and up to 12h on weekends