Ad Trackers (26)

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SitePlatformSingle PriceStarter Plan100k Clicks1M Clicks3M Clicks10M Clicks30M ClicksFree Trial1 Year DiscountAuto OptimizationSite URLFeatures
AdsbridgeCloud$29 / 100k$29$89$169$379$1,09914 days15%Visit Site
  • Tacking real-time fraud visits
  • Create your own pre-landers or choose LPs from the template library.
  • Detect all bot traffic adjusting filters
  • Machine learning scaling & optimization system.
  • 8 inbuilt Smartlink verticals
BemobCloudFree / 100kFree$49$99$249$499ForeverVisit Site
  • Sixth Sense technology to simplify targeting setting of your advertising campaigns
  • 11 Amazon worldwide data centers to ensure fastest redirects
  • Manual bot blacklisting
  • Traffic tracking and distribution system
  • Use as many custom redirect domains as needed
BinomSelf Hosted$99$99$99$99$99$99$9914 days30%Visit Site
  • Leader in click-processing and report-building speeds
  • Campaign analysis in Binom is a pure pleasure
  • Use as many additional domains for your campaigns as you need
  • A/B and MVT-testing
  • Update costs by tokens and time zones
Click.orgCloud$9 / 10k$49$9920%Visit Site
  • Filter out fraudulent clicks from automatic bots
  • Uptime 100% guarantee
  • Tracks your clicks and also shorten and cloak your links
  • Tracks the clicks you get from your emails and opens as well.
  • Re-targeting pixels
ClickervoltSelf HostedFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeVisit Site
  • AIDA Tracking
  • Complex funnel tracking
  • Retargeting pixels to any page
  • Heatmaps
  • Track without redirects
ClickfunnelsCloud$97 / 20k$29714 daysVisit Site
  • Simple drag and drop webpage editor
  • Quickly build sales funnels that convert
  • ​Smart shopping cart with 1 click upsells
  • Email and Facebook marketing automation
  • Everything organized in one simple dashboard
ClickmagickCloud$27 / 10k$67$9714 days25%Visit Site
  • Works everywhere you advertise
  • Easily track entire sales funnels
  • Intelligent split testing & rotators
  • Geotargeting/mobile optimization
  • Add retargeting to any link
ConversionflyCloud$29 / 5k$149QuoteQuoteQuoteQuote15 days28%Visit Site
  • Lossless tracking, even when your prospect switches devices or clears their cookies, you will still track
  • Tracks every source of traffic including direct traffic or organic traffic
  • One-Pixel solution
  • Spot funnel leaks by traffic source to boost performance
  • Compare campaigns by traffic source, link or even against other campaigns
CPVLabSelf Hosted$49$49$49$49$49$49$4930 days10%Visit Site
  • Track campaign links in your email follow-ups
  • Automatic cookie & cookie-less tracking
  • Over 35+ mobile data points to track and optimize campaign performance
  • Runs on your own server, you have the control on the privacy of your data
  • Ultrafast redirects during peak usage
FunnelfluxBoth$99$179$179$179$179$249$449$1 - 30 daysVisit Site
  • Advanced funnels with no advanced knowledge needed
  • Email marketing and opt-in tracking
  • Heatmap reporting - view data the way we envision it - visually
  • Multivariate testing - create your own internal variations of landers/offers
  • Automatic EPV optimisation nodes that route traffic based on performance
ImobitraxSelf Hosted$179$179$179$179$179$179$179Visit Site
  • Block spiders, bots, reviewers
  • Capture & export email adresses
  • Pass custom campaign variables & data for optimized landing pages
  • Handles millions of clicks
  • For marketers who value their campaign privacy and data
ImprovelyCloud$29 / 10k$14914 daysVisit Site
  • Built-in click fraud monitoring
  • Automatically creates a profile of each person on your site with all their past visits and conversions
  • No need to define funnels before collecting data
  • Provide client access to Improvely reports under your own domain
  • Funnel reports show how users flow through multiple steps on your website
KeitaroSelf Hosted$25$25$40$40$70$707 daysVisit Site
  • Provides 20+ filters for a precise web-traffic targeting
  • Protect your ideas for advertising campaigns from competitors
  • Can handle with millions of clicks daily
  • Collect leads from your personal webpage
  • A proprietary database of modern bots
KinturaCloud$199$199$199$199$499$99914 days20%Visit Site
  • Uses your conversions to train a campaign model which instantly maximizes the likelihood of conversion
  • Campaign updates are reflected instantly across the global infrastructure
  • Global infrastructure on 5 continents
  • Bot detection
  • Auto optimizer
LandingtrackCloud$49$49$49$99$249$44915 daysVisit Site
  • Automatically connect all your media buying sources
  • Set up the optimization rules and let the automated workers do the work
  • Detecting and blocking BOT traffic
  • Machine learning feature to maximize your affiliate campaigns ROI
  • Can automatically set up offers from affiliate networks
LinktrackrCloud17 / 10k$47$137$207 / 2M42%Visit Site
  • Track conversions on your own site or blog, as well as affiliate networks
  • Data is constantly backed up using state-of-the-art cloud hosting technology
  • Run a sinple A/B split test, and discover which landing pages convert better
  • Create campaigns to track ads from banners, emails, ad swaps
  • Cloak your affiliate links
OctotrackerBoth$59$40 / 10k$137QuoteQuoteQuoteQuoteVisit Site
  • Automatically detect database failures and recover
  • The only tracker with full support for lead statuses
  • Distribution of traffic from the source according to 25+ parameters
  • Cloud and self-hosted version
  • Built-in traffic quality analysis, detection of bots and clicks on 20+ parameters
OpentrackerCloud$19 / 20k$49$299$499$1,190Quote15%Visit Site
  • Easy & intuitive user interface
  • Identify visitors by company, university or governmental body
  • Track events from a button clicked to a video played, anything you want to track
  • Real-time minute-to-minute tracking, reporting and analysis
  • Identify & tag visitors. Invaluable for email campaigns or tracking leads
PeerclickCloud$59$59$59$99$249$6497 days30%Visit Site
  • Anti-Fraud Protection provides a suit of tools to identify suspicious traffic
  • Optimize ad performance and run A/B tests automatically to improve your ROI
  • Set multiple conversion types to track all actions taken by users throughout their customer lifecycle
  • You can even track ad exchanges and networks that don’t allow the initial redirect
  • Fastest redirects in under 5ms
PixelkSelf Hosted$49$49$49$49$49$49$49Visit Site
  • Redirects traffic based on 16+ metrics
  • Landing pages load times detection
  • Multivariate testing
  • LP anti-spy and frequency capping
  • 1 Click Installation
RedtrackCloud$49$49$49$99$379$399 / 20M14 days16%Visit Site
  • No-redirect tracking
  • Automatically change landing/offer weight in rotation based on performance rules
  • Protect your landing page from being followed by spy-tool bots
  • LanderBolt integration
  • Filter out bots before they perform action
TesteasilyCloud$79$79$79$79$79$79$7914 daysVisit Site
  • Visual Comparison Reports
  • Back Button Monetisation
  • Visual Landing Page Editor
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Data Retention 12 months
ThrivetrackerBoth$110$39$39$99$275$425$89914 days10%Visit Site
  • AI Optimization - let the algorithm optimize for you based on performance
  • Geo-redirect/bot filter lets you keep that data separate
  • Globally distributed AWS infrastructure for fastest redirects
  • Tracks everything without a redirect and still allows you to split test offers
  • Track unlimited pages in a funnel using branches
Tracking202Self Hosted$599$599$599$599$599$599$599Visit SiteTracking202 provides free pay per click affiliate tracking software, how to videos, blog articles, and has an active forum community.
VoluumCloud$69$69$69$149$449$99930%Visit Site
  • Automated traffic distribution for offers, landers, and entire flows
  • Detect bot traffic, take action, save your budget
  • The listicle tracking feature allows you to create complex paths for your visitors
  • Lander Protection Script
  • Track paid and organic traffic without the initial redirect